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Clients and Associates

SaviCorp (SMVI), (Serge V. Monros, CEO, Chairman, Founder)

“SaviCorp is an innovative automotive technology company dedicated to saving the planet, one vehicle, one fleet, at a time. SaviCorp creates and commercializes the most superior blow-by gas and crankcase engine emission reduction technology on the market today. The world’s premiere gasoline and diesel engine emission reduction technology provides more effective emissions reduction and engine efficiency solutions at a lower cost to consumers, business, corporate, municipal, state and Federal vehicle fleets. This means gas savings, less emissions and improved engine performance."

Boreal Water Collection, Inc. (BRWC) (Francine Lavoie, CEO)

BOREAL WATER COLLECTION’s goal is to become the leading producer of high-end private label bottled water in North America. BOREAL is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality private label bottled water products at affordable prices; supported by a wide range of products and an outstanding level of customer service.

Wanderport Corporation (WDRP) (Robert Martel, CEO)

WanderPort Corporation is a publicly traded company specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of Eco-Friendly Microwave Energy Tankless Water Heaters technology and solutions. The company's main focus is the preservation of clean fresh water as well as the reduction and elimination of fossil fuel uses. WanderPort owns the global exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to the Pulsar Tankless Water Heater technology which uses microwave energy to heat water rather then conventional heating elements..

Wordsmith Media (WDIS) (James Griffith, CEO & Chairman)

Over the past seven years, Wordsmith Media, Inc. as a development stage company, has been involved with research and product development in the publishing and media industry

OTC Markets Group, Inc.

“OTC Markets Group Inc. operates the world’s largest Open, Transparent, and Connected financial marketplace platform, delivering price transparency in almost 10,000 OTC securities. We organize the wide spectrum of OTC-traded securities into three marketplaces to inform investors of opportunities and risks – OTCQX® - The Intelligent Marketplace for the Best OTC Companies; OTCQB® - The Venture Marketplace; and OTC Pink® - The Open Marketplace.”

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