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Highlighted here is the exceptional work of my clients, both higher profile companies, current and past, as well as the work of my start-ups (or upstarts, as it may be!) in the process of building their projects and companies. The roster will occasionally update as projects evolve and new clients come into the fold.

Academy Award-Winning Ginny Mule Productions:

My wife, Lorraine Devon Wilke, and I have had the good fortune of being colleagues and friends with the remarkable group of people who comprised this company: Husband and wife team, Ray McKinnon (writer, director, actor, producer) and the late "Lisa Blount (actress, producer), along with actor and producer, Walton Goggins. In particular, Lorraine and Lisa go way back. The best description of their friendship, along with that of all of us as time went on, can be found in Lorraine’s article at Rock+Paper+Music: Lisa Blount…As Is and Still Loved.
Lisa Blount as is and Still Loved

The Accountant

Starting with the accountant, winner of the 2001 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, the Ginny Mule team made some magic together. the accountant, written and directed by Ray and produced by all three, tells the story of “a mysterious accountant whose remarkable mathematical skills just might save the O’Dell family farm. Armed with a keen ability to add, an unquenchable thirst for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and a stack of receipts, the accountant takes the O’Dell brothers on a strange journey that explores the plight of America’s family farms and hidden corporate conspiracies.” Shot entirely on location in Georgia, the film stars writer/director Ray McKinnon (HBO’s Deadwood; The Blind Side, Sundance Channel’s upcoming series, Rectified), Walton Goggins (The Shield, Justified), and veteran actor, Eddie King.

A little personal Oscar statue story: As a matter of security, Lorraine and I once kept Lisa’s and Ray’s Oscars in our attic for safekeeping when they were out of town together on an extended project. Of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation of holding on to them for a moment before we tucked them away, and, man, those buggers are heavy! I never did have my picture taken with them for the office wall, but I did appreciated the opportunity, however brief, to get up close and personal!


Ginny Mule’s next endeavor was the full-length feature, Chrystal, also written and directed by Ray, starring Lisa as the pain-beleaguered title character, Billy Bob Thornton as her estranged husband, and Ray and Walton as two local ne’er do wells. This Southern drama tells the story of Thornton’s character, Joe, as he returns home from prison to face life with a wife he left permanently injured, and a son killed, in an accident he caused evading the police. A dark but hopeful story of pain and redemption, Chrystal premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival to stellar reviews and tremendous audience response and has gone on to build a loyal fan base.

Ginny Mule’s last film as a team was a complete change of pace in the “farm comedy,” Randy and the Mob. Once again Ray wrote, directed, and starred, along with Lisa and Walton, with Burt Reynolds on board to contribute to the madness. The story of identical twin brothers (both expertly played by Ray), whose disparate lives clash when one of them (that’d be Randy), get in deep with the local Mob.

Todd Lucas Movie Production, LLC:

One of my newer clients is Todd Lucas Movie Productions, LLC. The Manager of the LLC is Sidecar Productions, LLC, formed in 2005. My go-to contact within Sidecar (located in San Diego) is Ian Thorpe, who will be directing their film, aptly titled, Todd Lucas, Singer/Songwriter, a comedy in which we follow Nebraskan Todd Lucas on his sojourn to “Hollywood” in search of fame and fortune.

Along with Ian, Eric Staley (co-Manager of Sidecar and movie Producer), Kevin Tostado (Producer) and the rest of the Todd Lucas gang embarked on a clever marketing and funding campaign utilizing the emergent company, , one of the better known Internet “crowd funding” sites. Although equity investment (in the offering company) is not allowed on these sites, donations and pre-orders, for example, of a DVD or CD, are crucial elements of the Kickstarter money-raising structure.

Via this campaign, the Company was successful in securing a significant portion of the funding needed to complete production of the movie. Go to to check out how this was accomplished, as well as get an introduction to the key Company players and the Todd Lucas story. And keep an eye on future stories about Kickstarter and other sites of its ilk; clearly the use of social media and the ability to promote one’s product or enterprise through these online “portals,” is an increasingly important component of an innovative entrepreneur’s business strategy!

Paul Michael Glaser - Chrystallia and the Source of Light

Yes, you’re right; that’s Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky & Hutch fame. After a phenomenally successful career as an actor and director, Glaser has more recently focused his creativity in an all-together different direction, as the author of Chrystallia 
& The Source of Light, described, in his own words, as follows:

Chrystallia and the Source of Light is a life affirming children’s series that follows the magical journey of two children, Maggie and Jesse, who stumble upon a medieval kingdom underground where everything and everyone are made of minerals and crystals. Amazed by the kingdom and its inhabitants, the two children discover that the only way for them to get back home is to find the source of light that the boy believes will save their dying mother.”

But not only is Glaser the author of the series, he’s also the owner and creator of the concept “brand” of Chrystallia, defined, in this particular context, as the trademark, the logo, the identifying images, the character names, storylines; the personality of the product and its ancillary elements. Branding of a product such as this creates a global recognition of the idea and helps market that idea based on familiarity and customer awareness. Owning a brand is what many creative people and enterprises aspire to. It’s the whole enchilada, so to speak; transforming an idea or concept into an Empire. And why do you need an Empire? Control.

Success in the entertainment business is all about coming up with a brilliant idea, then creatively and innovatively exploiting it in every way, and every market, possible. It’s understood that if you want the best chance of shepherding your creative dream to its ultimate level of success, one must stay in control of it; not sell it off bit by bit. This is often difficult, but those who have succeed end up with brands that achieve the status of global “household” names.

Additionally, one of the brilliant features of Glaser’s particular category of “creative empire” (i.e., family entertainment), is the potential for cross marketing of the story, characters, messages, and underlying themes of the brand. Why is this so? The conceptual messages explored in Chrystallia are universal and relatable to people of all ages (we’re all children at heart, isn’t that so?), which allows for a wider audience, with branding that can be focused on a spectrum of age demographics.

There's still great love just have to let it in....not just 'use' it...

It's all about compassion, kindness, courage, fear, forgiveness...Love!
(or is it really about what YOU can discover within your 'self' or is it ........???)

In the headline above, from the Chrystallia website, Glaser expresses his “mantra,” if you will; the resounding theme within Chrystallia and the Source of Light. The hope of discovery and courage found in the story of two children looking for the “source of light” to save someone they love. It might not yet be up there in the echelons with Harry Potter or The Lion King, but keep your eyes peeled and don’t be surprised if it gets there. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day…and neither was Star Wars!

If you’re intrigued to know more about the book, as well Glaser’s philosophy and perspective, take your time browsing through his website and learn more about his inspirational creative journey with this project. And certainly pick up a copy of the book. Through the events experienced by the characters he’s created, you will not only enjoy the story while deciphering the messages, teachings, and themes of Chrystallia, but you just may find they apply to your own life and those you love. Why not be on the ground floor, in some small way, of a new narrative, a new creative Empire?

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